The impact of women economic empowerment on entrepreneurship (case study -Yemen)

The study revealed that there is an increase in the participation of women in humanitarian work in its four axes (health initiatives, relief projects, educational programs and Social cohesion) according to the demographics criterion. This participation greatly helps to empower women to be either pioneers of change if they are uninvolved with the political regime, or as decision makers in case They are involved with political regime, the study found that the Yemeni society has the eligibility to apply it since the study found that the society is primarily accepting women’s participation in peace and humanitarian issues. The study set out a set of recommendations that were supposed to enhance the participation of women in humanitarian work and to ensure their empowerment, and pointed out that the implementation of resolution 1325 required government authorities to work out a national plan for its implementation.

Research used a purposive sample of 20 individuals for interviews and questionnaires for 400 individuals in the Republic Of Yemen. Selecting these samples were studied carefully since this number is enough to answer the research question and approving or denying the research hypothesis as well. the samples are women leaders, women working in civil society, INGOs and NGOs employees, Academic women, and governmental workers which can cover every corner in this research to ensure that data is reliable to yield sensitive results.

Since the beginning of human race, Woman was a basic demand for continuing life. Therefore, they share everything with men. In case of any catastrophe, women are facing the double suffering than men, especially in wars and conflicts, so Many of projects and programs implemented by national and international organizations aimed to enhance women’s role in peace and security in Yemen,The problem is to focused on the absence role of Yemeni Women leaderships Indecision -making and the absence role of participation in humanitarian initiatives. Yemen is in a critical need for these humanitarian initiatives since it’s suffering from Continuous conflicts for a long period. Women are always the victims resulting from any conflict. They are not allowed to participate in decision-making and they are marginalized from having their rights, which prevented them to play their significant role regarding humanitarian response issues, especially in making humanitarian initiatives. It is also noticed that there is a lack of understanding of the concept of women leaderships by the Yemeni society, which led to absence role for Yemeni women in humanitarian response. In spite of initiatives from civil society entities and many traditional civil organizations trying to empower women in Yemen by adopting humanitarian initiatives and projects. Humanitarian initiatives do not implement its right role according to the international standard among the civil society organizations, which led civil organizations to wear a mask of humanitarian initiatives, but in fact, they are doing weak role. It has been noticed that masculine, traditional leaders dominate civil society organizations, which are headed by women. As a result, humanitarian initiatives in Yemenis weak and due to the weak role of humanitarian initiatives in Yemen women participation in humanitarian response becomes weak, too.


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