Persons with disabilities in the workplace: an advocacy strategy

The overall objective of the Advocacy Intervention is to raise the awareness of the business owners, Human Resources Managers, and big companies in order to recognize the importance of hiring PWDs and thus contribute to poverty reduction and to improve their livelihood through integrating them in the workplace.

In this sense, the campaign will target businessmen, the government institutions, and government administrative sectors, law and policy decision makers and the human resources managers of the different companies who work in all different sectors.

This will contribute towards reducing the vulnerability of the final target groups (PWDs), who are considered to be one of the poorest segments of the society and to address the governments in order to empower PWDs through the creation of job opportunities especially in their administrative offices, municipalities, and the different public sectors.

The integration and accommodation of persons with disabilities into the labour market are important ways to reduce both public expenditures and costs borne by families, as well as to ensure the participation of disabled persons in productive work. In addition, laws and policies should ensure removing the barriers which already exist.

A secondary objective would be the creation of some specific jobs especially in the public sector where PWDs could attend to others from the PWDs. This will have a double purpose, to hire more PWD and also to be able to serve those from the same sector in a more efficient way, leading to more inclusion of these people and thus to more dignity.

This advocacy campaign is aiming at highlighting the real need of PWDs and how to meet their needs. They don’t need the community to have pity on them and give them money (in other words, no need for charity interventions) but rather giving chances and factual inclusion. It will show how these people are putting their abilities to work in the best companies.

It is to highlight the real needs and qualities that employers are looking for, determination, courage, commitment and loyalty. Disability is another challenge these people are ABLE to overcome. They are fighters by nature. They are more ABLED people than being disabled in a particular aspect.

It is about the community learning more about the strength they bring to the workplace and what they can do for different kinds of businesses.

It is about eyes to see and companies to open their doors.

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