Hiring on-line tutors: NUTRITION experts

We are looking for experts in NUTRITION IN EMERGENCIES to support tutoring in humanitarian on-line courses. The desired profile is a deployed humanitarian worker, who likes learning and teaching.

Candidates have to be EXPERTS on one or several of the following TOPICS:

  • Project management and implementation
  • Measuring malnutrition
  • Classifying malnutrition
  • Emergency response in nutrition


The estimated workload is between 7-10 hours weekly necessary for these ACTIVITIES:

  • Tutoring course modules in English, French and Spanish.
  • Review course contents to be familiar with it.
  • Forum participation applying your field experience: propose topics of debate, encouraging students’ participation and giving feedback to open discussions.
  • Create tutoring/introductory videos and organising webinars.
  • Suggest specific updates on course contents.
  • Give feedback to students’ assignments.
  • Participation in training for tutors organised by KALU


  • Working level of English, French and Spanish.
  • At least 5 years’ field management experience in humanitarian aid programmes in at least 3 different countries.
  • Good understanding of relevant humanitarian and policy issues.
  • Solid knowledge and ability to apply NGO/Red Cross Code of Conduct, CHS, SPHERE and other regulatory codes.
  • Good communication skills.


  • Experience of designing and delivering training and learning programmes.
  • Experience in leading Rapid Needs Assessments and starting up emergency responses.
  • Experience in working in insecure environments.


  • Consultancy contract for monthly periods
  • Part time remote work compatible with other jobs
  • Monthly fee: 500-640 euros.