Teaching staff

Alberto Martos Sauquillo : Director

Alberto Martos Sauquillo


Alberto is an Economist from the Complutense University of Madrid and has postgraduate qualifications in NGO Management and Programme Design from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. He has over 16 years’ experience of humanitarian aid and has worked for the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, the Red Cross, Movimondo, Oxfam, Caritas and as an independent consultant in Colombia and Central America.

Alberto has focused his career on working with Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and in the field of humanitarian protection. His experience includes programme coordination, mission administration, proposal-writing, design of training materials, security and monitoring.

Arturo García Fernández : Tutor

Arturo García Fernández


Arturo is a former Project Manager in a telecommunication company. After many years as a local Red Cross Volunteer in Paris he chose to leave his job to dedicate himself entirely to the humanitarian work.

He has created a business that focuses on giving IT support to NGOs, he has experience mainly in Emergencies and particularly in assessments and distributions of NFIs and Cash.

Amélie Yan-Gouiffes : Tutor

Amélie Yan-Gouiffes


Amelie's passion is to empower people and organisations to share their message and to bring their contribution. She provides consulting in humanitarian & corporate social responsibility (CSR) programming and coaching in public speaking & pitching to corporate, humanitarian and government organisations.

She worked for 17 years in managing humanitarian projects and teams  with Premiere Urgence, the French Red Cross, Oxfam GB, ECHO (EU  Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection), Handicap International and UNDP in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, Latin America & the Caribbean. In the 4 last years, she has facilitated numerous inter-governmental and governmental strategic reviews on disaster risk reduction, resilience, food security and organisational development and coached hundreds of leaders.

She is especially fond of emergency relief, empowerment of people, accountability (towards communities & donors), gender, project design (group brainstorming, logical framework, proposal development).

She is the happy mother of two children born respectively in Nicaragua and Thailand.

Carlos Afonso Gallegos : Head of studies

Carlos Afonso Gallegos

Head of studies

Carlos has over 20 years of experience working in complex humanitarian situations such Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya, Georgia, the Horn of Africa or the Syrian refugee crisis. With an academic background on Economic Development, his initial focus was in the area of Food and Economic Security, but through his work in the field with NGOs, the ICRC and ECHO he has developed technical expertise in other fields, particularly in Disaster Risk Reduction and Early Rehabilitation. In addition, as Program Manager, he has experience on project design, planning, financial management, monitoring and evaluation. Emergency Response is also an area of Carlos’ expertise. He has been deployed in numerous occasions to respond to sudden disasters and situations of massive population displacement, whether triggered by natural events such the floods in Mozambique in 2001, the food crisis in Ethiopia in 2002 or the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004; or by armed conflicts -such Timor-Leste in 2006, South Ossetia in 2008 or the Kurdistan region of Iraq in 2014-. He has also experience on Humanitarian Demining, with The HALO Trust in Cambodia and with the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) as Country Director for Colombia for two years until June 2019. Since then, Carlos is working as Training Coordinator for KALU.

Sandra Manrique Barón : Responsible for enrollment

Sandra Manrique Barón

Responsible for enrollment

Sandra is an Anthropologist from the National University of Colombia. She has worked for the Mayor of Bogota’s office, the Restrepo Barco Foundation and Oxfam GB.

Sandra has worked with internally displaced people and grass-roots organizations in areas such as community work, institutional strengthening, reconstruction, humanitarian protection and monitoring. She is a tutor and has developed training material for the courses.

She has created training material for the courses.

Karin Michotte : Course developer and tutor

Karin Michotte

Course developer and tutor

Karin is an independent consultant with 16 years’ experience in humanitarian aid.

She has worked in over 11 countries with international NGOs such as Action Against Hunger, Doctors without Borders and the European Commission Humanitarian Office (DG ECHO) in Africa, Asia and South America. As a consultant, Karin focuses on training, project design, and evaluations.


Zandra Lucia Muñoz Barrera : Tutor

Zandra Lucia Muñoz Barrera


Zandra is an expert in International Relations who has worked for governmental institutions and international and national NGOs. She has 14 years’ experience in project delivery, monitoring, evaluation and proposal-writing.

Zandra has worked closely with internally displaced persons (IDPs), returnees, indigenous populations and farmers, among other population groups. She has coordinated projects to improve nutrition, water and sanitation, income generating activities, psychological support, peace policies, civic culture and protection of rights.

Ana Urgoiti Aristegui : Course developer and tutor

Ana Urgoiti Aristegui

Course developer and tutor

Ana holds a degree in Law and postgraduate qualifications in International Law and in Gender and Development.

She has over 17 years’ experience in development assistance and humanitarian action. As an independent consultant she currently dedicates most of her time to the design and delivery of training activities and material for NGOs, universities, governments, international humanitarian networks and United Nations agencies, as well as conducting evaluations and organizational learning events.

Marilise Turnbull :  Tutor and  translator

Marilise Turnbull

Tutor and translator

Marilise holds a Master’s degree in Development Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages.

She has 15 years’ senior management and advisory experience in the humanitarian and social development sectors in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. Over the course of her career, she has managed operational and partner-led humanitarian programmes for one of the world’s largest development and humanitarian agencies, as well as local projects for smaller NGOs.

In addition to her knowledge of the humanitarian sector, she also has specific technical expertise and experience in the fields of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and participatory development planning.

As an independent consultant, Marilise currently advises international organisations in the areas of strategic planning, business development and policy analysis. She produces planning documents, project proposals, analytical and evaluative reports, communications tools and training instruments for a range of clients, including NGOs, multi-agency consortia, and UN agencies.

Fernando Nuño Santana : Tutor

Fernando Nuño Santana


Fernando holds a Communication BA and an International Cooperation MA. He completed an European Commission expert diploma on Programme Evaluation and a diploma on Human Resources in Development and Humanitarian Action. He worked as a journalist from 1986 to 1996, covering several conflicts such as the former Yugoslavia one (1992-1999). In 1998 he started to work on International Cooperation as a humanitarian worker. From 1999 to 2014 he worked in more than 20 countries, particularly in disaster response operations, post-disaster and post-war projects and project evaluation. He worked mainly for the International Red Cross and Doctors of the World

Pablo Cabrero Diego : Tutor

Pablo Cabrero Diego


Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science and Expert Postgraduate Degree in Inequality, Cooperation and Development. Several specialization trainings and courses in Humanitarian Response and WASH projects management.
8 years’ experience as project coordinator in development and emergency contexts in several organizations such as Medicus Mundi, Red Cross or UNESCO. At present, member of different professional rosters for emergency immediate response in public health and WASH sectors. Independent WASH consultant.

Gregory Bulit : Tutor

Gregory Bulit


Expert in water, sanitation and hygiene (WEDC Graduate) and Environmental management (University College Dublin Graduate)

With an initial background in agriculture, I started to work as humanitarian officer in 2001. I started in Albania, and then worked in Angola, Sri Lanka, Burundi, Indonesia, Nicaragua and DRC. I worked with various organizations such as Action Against Hunger, the French Red Cross, Solidarités International, and did my last long-term field mission in 2009-2010 as WASH Cluster Coordinator for Unicef in DRC. In 2010, I joined the headquarters of Solidarités International as WASH Technical Advisor, in charge of supporting the following missions: Afghanistan, Pakistan, DRC, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania and Haiti. In March 2013 I took the position of Head of the Technical and Program Quality Department for the same NGO focusing my attention on the quality and accountability of the NGO's action. Since September 2014 I am the Head of Emergency section for UNICEF in Haiti, coordinating the national operation against cholera and supporting national authorities to be better prepared against natural disasters.

Jean-Pierre Veyrenche : Course developer and tutor

Jean-Pierre Veyrenche

Course developer and tutor

Hydrogeologist and Master on Project Management.

He has more than 20 years’ humanitarian background with multi sectoral competences and an equally and varied sectoral expertise in WASH. Among other experiences, he has been working in the implementation of humanitarian operations (with a very good experience in both, WASH and multi sectorial response to displacement), but also in training. He has designed and started the full WASH training for the Bioforce Institute, in France, and in operational research - development of products (development of water treatment techniques). He has participated on the manual “Water, sanitation and hygiene for populations at risk”.


Cristina de Nicolás : Tutor

Cristina de Nicolás


Cristina holds a degree in Political Sciences and postgraduate qualifications in Humanitarian Action and Conflictology.
She has over fiveteen years experience in humanitarian action and development; experience working internationally in strengthening health systems, organizational development, institutional strengthening and capacity building. She has worked for a cross section of development agencies and donors, including ECHO, USAID and the Global Fund. Her experiences include strategic design, evaluation, monitoring, identification and training development tools in Project Cycle Management, mainly with Action Against Hunger International and Médecins Sans Frontières and development of governance tools such as Manuals of Monitoring and Evaluation. She has worked in various contexts and regions, including former Soviet Republics (Caucasus, Central Asia and Russian Federation), South East Asia, Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and Caribbean, Oceania, etc.

Leire López Delgado : Tutor

Leire López Delgado


Leire has a degree in Social Science with a focus on Political Science, and postgraduate qualifications in Budgets, Poverty and Gender; International Development; and Evaluation.

She has worked in Brazil, as Gender Budget and Governance Regional Program Officer, and in Peru, as Focal Point for UNIFEM (UN Women). She has been international staff in Chile in a local development program and she has worked in departments of projects and international cooperation in different NGOs. She has 15 years’ experience in international cooperation and currently works as an independent consultant providing services for technical assistance, training and evaluation. Most of her recent works were done as FLASH, a consulting firm expert on Logistics, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.


Marie-Jeanne Perrelet : Tutor and  translator

Marie-Jeanne Perrelet

Tutor and translator

Marie-Jeanne is a sociologist, specialised in international cooperation and development project management; she holds a Master’s Degree in international cooperation and humanitarian aid. She also completed a course in Humanitarian Action at the CERAH (Humanitarian Aid Training and Research Centre in Switzerland).

Her humanitarian experience includes 7 years of working within the Red Cross Movement in a variety of projects in Colombia. She has been trained and active with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent emergency response network in Central and South America (PADRU). She has directly worked in different phases of humanitarian and development programmes in a large spectre of sectors. She is particularly interested in participative approaches, the link between humanitarian relief and development aspects and the specifics needs and problems of children.

Oscar Zuluaga : Tutor

Oscar Zuluaga


Oscar has been a member of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Middle East for many years. He has worked in different posisitons for National Societies, the International Federation and the ICRC. Among other publications, he participated in 1994 in the elaboration of the most important First Aid manual and Tropical Diseases in Spanish.

Currently he dedicates his time to train humanitarian workers, to develop online courses and to create different educational tools in order to improve the volunteering work worldwide and the capacity building activities at local level.


Beatriz Gonzalez de Suso : Tutor

Beatriz Gonzalez de Suso


Beatriz is Agronomist from Valencia University. She has 15 years of experience in the field working for International Cooperation projects in Africa, South America, Middle East, Europa and Asia.

She has experience in development, especially in Food Security, and in emergency projects, both in conflict areas and in natural disasters.

She has work for Action Against Hunger, Spanish Red Cross, International Committee of the Red Cross and she is currently collaborating for short term missions with ECHO, donor of the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid.

Ignacio Cristóbal Alcarraz : Course developer and tutor

Ignacio Cristóbal Alcarraz

Course developer and tutor

Ignacio is an independent consultant specializing in risk management and disaster risk reduction.

He has 16 years’ experience in international cooperation and humanitarian aid in over 20 countries, and has worked in programme management roles for MPDL, Spanish Red Cross and Oxfam GB.

Ignacio provides services for project identification, proposal-writing, evaluations, training and training material design, development of disaster management tools and facilitation of meetings. As a consultant, he has worked with IFRC, Oxfam International, CARE and CORAID.

Ines Dalmau : Course developer and tutor

Ines Dalmau

Course developer and tutor

Ines holds a degree in Political Science and Sociology, postgraduate qualifications in Social Research, Humanitarian Aid and Development and a Master Degree in Business and Administration (MBA)

She is a humanitarian aid professional with over 17 years of experience in assessment, program design, implementation and evaluation that has worked in relief, recovery and long-term development programs covering post-conflict, slow-onset and sudden disasters. She has particular expertise in the livelihoods sector, Cash Transfer Programming/markets analysis and a robust experience in capacity building and as a facilitator.

As an independent consultant, she currently works mostly on the design and delivery of training and conducting needs assessments and evaluations. She has developed and delivered several trainings for UNHCR, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement, and AECID.

Marta Oliviero : Course developer

Marta Oliviero

Course developer

Marta has a degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations, as well as post-graduate qualifications in International Cooperation and Development and Gender Studies.

Marta has 6 years’ experience working in the fields of human rights, development and humanitarian aid in Colombia and Central America, firstly with Peace Brigades International and latterly with Movimondo.

Aitor Joseba Landa : Course developer

Aitor Joseba Landa

Course developer

Aitor holds a Degree in Law and a postgraduate qualification in International Cooperation and Governability. He has 14 years’ experience in Africa, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

Aitor has worked for UNDP, CARE International, SNV, Grupo Cívico Etica y Transparencia (a member of Transparency International), the municipal government of Salvatierra (Mexico), and as an independent consultant. His areas of expertise are urban management, local development and decentralization, project coordination for cooperation and development and disaster management. He has also undertaken conflict-resolution studies and projects.

Alberto Gómez Susaeta : Course developer

Alberto Gómez Susaeta

Course developer

A graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid, Alberto is a sociologist, teacher and expert in NGO management.

He has 14 years’ experience in Central America for the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, with Fe y Alegria, and as an independent consultant. Alberto has expertise in the design and implementation of projects, and in conducting assessments and evaluations.

Jafeth Gomez : Illustrator

Jafeth Gomez


Jafeth is an artist of farming origins from Cauca, Colombia. He now lives in the Ecological Reserve ‘El Sendero Mágico’ on the outskirts of Popayan where - together with his family and friends - he works in environmental education through art.

Previously a literacy tutor and school teacher, organiser of Christian communities and youth leader at regional and national level, he has developed an in-depth understanding of social reality in Colombia. He designs and produces graphic materials such as posters, drawings and illustrations, to promote social identity and community development.


Marie-Laure Magnier : Translator

Marie-Laure Magnier


Marie-Laure is an expert in communication and cultural studies from Swinburne University in Australia, and a freelance translator fluent in French, Spanish and English.

She has collaborated with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and she is currently finishing her postgraduate studies in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid at the Humanitarian Aid Studies Centre – Proyecto Kalú.

She has lived in several different countries, exposed first-hand to the challenges of developing contexts in Latin America, Africa and the South Pacific.


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